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Adjustments on Battle Effects

A lot of feedback from players has been received that there should be rewards for those who won in PvP. Well, great mind thinks alike – the making of this feature is already in progress! However, before the implementation, we are more concerned about the gaming experience, and hence, a series of betterments will be made on the battle system of Ninja Saga in the recent future. Therefore, the gaming experience can be enriched and the battle event will become unpredictably exciting! The following battle effects will be adjusted in the upcoming updates!

Stun – how about adding some stun resistance, like a boss?
Apparently, not only us, a lot of players believe that the stun effect has largely limited their gaming experience. It is because we might be too focused on forming a locking combo with all sorts of kinjutsu. Well, no matter to lock people or be locked in a battle, such scenario is not really that fun, right?

In the future, we are going to make some alternations on the stun effect by enabling every player to have ‘inborn’ resistance to stun – remember if you did fight some bosses in Hunting House in the past, you would realize what we mean! In fact, stun is not designed to be a guaranteed effect - that is why we should have certain natural resistance, only that the Hunting House bosses have much better resistance then we do!

Aside from that, stun is still considered to be a very effective move to freeze your opponent and plan your moves – we are just providing some options to counteract the effect. Plus, there will be more skills to purify stun, and will have items to enhance your stun resistance and consumables to remove stun effect.

Accuracy – to counterbalance the dodge rate!
In the world of ninja, agility is the key to success – with great speed you get to take the initiative to attack as well as to react promptly to enemy’s move, that is, dodge an attack! In other words, dodging is a core element in the battles of the game.

By adding attribute points to Wind, and/or equipping the dodging skills and other items…etc., some players have very high dodge rates and become highly advantageous in battles! Of course this is a very clever strategy and it is not wrong to have high dodge rates, however, as you level up, you will become almost invincible, and that would make the game dull. Don’t worry, we will not remove or reduce the dodge effects; instead, we are going to increase skill’s accuracy so that the damage can be effectively delivered.

Currently in the game, we call the effect “ignore target’s dodge”, and skills that have this effect include Fire Phoenix Breath, Armor of Narukami, Weaken Soul Jutsu and many others. Nonetheless, when we modify the battle system, we will standardize the naming of these effects as “accuracy”.

Our idea is, every ninja will have 100% accuracy – if your opponent does not have any wind attributes, and do not equip any dodge skills and dodge items, you will have higher chance of hitting your opponent accurately (as mentioned earlier, every player will have 5% inborn dodge rate). In other words, if your opponent has higher dodge rate, you will also need higher accuracy to have a better chance to deliver the damage effectively.

Remember that, it is completely wise to have a ninja character that react swiftly; we just want to provide an option for all players to counter against dodge. Such measures will include new skills that reduce your opponent’s dodge rate and items that increase your accuracy.

Restriction – to restrict a particular movement!
Currently, when a player is being restricted, he is not able to use any skills. Not sure if you know and remember – the first skill with restriction effect is a clan reward – Kinjutsu: Meridians Seal, a skill that has an effect that limits the chakra flow of the opponent. When it was designed, it was not supposed to be used as another form of stun; unfortunately, it had become one and you probably already noticed or even experienced. Eventually it does not make a big difference whether you are restricted or stunned. Therefore, we would like to trace back our original design by refining them so that they will have significant distinctions!

To add some spice to battle strategy planning, all restriction effects, including Meridians Seal, will later on restrict only Ninjutsu and Genjutsu; that means, when you are being restricted, apart from charging, using consumables, attacking with weapons, you will still be able to use taijutsu and talent skills! We hope that in this way, there can be more uncertainties in battles, and hence, excitement!

So, Stun, Accuracy and Restriction are the first three battle effects that we start to work on! There are definitely more to come so as to create an interesting battle environment to all of you. The next modification will include adjustments on genjutsu, reforming the ways you use consumables, new talents, further developments on PvP and a lot more! Details will be announced on our website when they are ready! You are welcome to inspire us with your thoughts and experience by:

  1. Mailing us via Ninja Saga Support Form, or

  2. Discussing on Ninja Saga forum, or

  3. Sharing on Twitter


March 14th, 2012 at 6:05

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Daily Scratch Card

Happy New Year! Here comes the update of daily login reward – the Daily Scratch Card!

Started with the roulette system, we have been rewarding our loyal and active players with daily login incentives. And now, we are introducing the daily Scratch Card system!

How to Play?

Every day you log into Ninja Saga, a scratch card with 3 concealed prizes will be given. You may choose to scratch it right away and collect the hidden prize, or pile it up, and scratch and win a few prizes at one time!

Just a few reminders for you:

  1. Each character can pile up to 3 scratch cards at maximum!
    No more scratch cards will be given if you already have 3 in stock! Make sure you scratch yours on time to receive new scratch cards on the next day!

  2. Reserve spaces at your inventory!
    Although your inventory space has already been enlarged, there are plenty of prizes on the prize list! If you wish to receive valuable consumables such as Fire Gan and
    Earth Gan, do remember to keep your inventory neat!

  3. Log in every day!
    You get extra scratch cards if you login every day! Don’t break this chain! And if you forget to log in for a day, you will lose the scratch cards you collected! So, come back every day to get fabulous prizes!

How Special is This New Daily Login Reward System?

We don’t introduce new system unless it is better than the old one! The Scratch Card game is improved in a lot of ways!

  1. More Chances!
    Under the previous daily login reward systems, you only get one prize every day, and if you missed a day, you would have to re-start the bonus multiplier in the roulette, or back to the Day 1 prize. Now, with the launch of the Scratch Card system, you don’t have to worry about breaking the daily log in chain (because there is no such thing anymore!), and, you are allowed to scratch up to 3 prizes away! Sound nice, right?

  1. Totally Random!
    Just like lottery, the prize you are going to get is totally random!
  2. Exclusive Rewards!
    Although the prizes you will get are completely determined by chance, well, we guess it’s still alright to let you know what rare items are on the list! Let’s see!

    • All sorts of Token items, including pets, kinjutsu, weapons, clothes, hairstyles and consumables!

    • We might also bring back popular items from past events, or create scratch-card-only items!

    • Something that everyone wants!

And this list will be updated from time to time! Keep an eye on it!

Hope you find this new log in reward system interesting! Good luck scratching!

January 6th, 2012 at 5:21

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Development Preview - Sep 10, 2009

Wanna have a quick preview of the upcoming weapons and Jutsu?
They will be in the Shop and Academy soon!

Higher level Earth NinjutsuHigher level Fire NinjutsuWeapons

September 10th, 2009 at 10:34

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PvP coming soon!

Online real-time PvP is currently under internal testing & will be launched in the recent future! Take this opportunity to train your ninja before engaging yourself into the real fights! It always requires some hard work and patience to reach the top, isn't it?

September 8th, 2009 at 10:57

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